Drawing Classes

Beginning Drawing Skills - Summer

Now Taking Registration for SUMMER
   8-week Course
      Mondays, June 2, 2014 - July 21, 2014
      6pm to 8pm

   Call 949-551-1987 for information on the next session.

You already have more natural ability than you realize! Learning to draw isn't a matter of training the hand, but of training the eye to see what the mind passes over.

Observe the world in the way of the artist - where simple, ordinary objects become extraordinary. This course provides you with an abundance of tools to speed the development of your artistic talent while introducing you to drawing fundamentals.

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No experience required. Ages 16+.
Enrollment is limited to a small group of students in my private studio.
New openings fill quickly. You must call to reserve a seat (deposit required).

Call (949) 551-1987 today to register for the next session.

What art supplies do I need?
Where is the best place to buy art supplies?

Opening your eyes and your life,
to the magic that lives inside!

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As one student put it, "This is so easy it almost draws itself!" ~Steve

Call (949) 551-1987 today to register for the next session.

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