For Art Classes by Wendy Froshay
(949) 551-1987

If you have time to order your supplies online, I recommend Dick Blick. - Online Art Supplies
To make things easier, click HERE for a Froshay Fine Art Acrylics Supply List on Dick Blick.

         NOTE: It usually takes 10 business days to receive your supplies.

Either way, please note the MISCELLANEOUS SUPPLIES that you'll need
located near the bottom of this list.

The BEST way to buy art supplies is in person - and the BEST place to go is:

            6672 Westminster Blvd.,
            Westminster, CA 92683
            Hours: Mon-Fri 9-8
                  Sat-Sun 10-9
            Art Supply Warehouse has the BEST local prices around. They carry just about everything.
            Their people are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. This is a great place to save money
            - especially if you are purchasing a lot of supplies.
            I highly recommend the Art Supply Warehouse.


IMPORTANT Note: Good brushes, quality paper and artist grade paints
will make a HUGE difference in your ability to paint - so please, give yourself the
gift of success by purchasing the supplies recommended on this list.


HOLBEIN and/or LIQUITEX Brand Acrylic Paints
(DO NOT buy 'BASIC' Liquitex - Basic is Liquitex's 'student grade' - student grade paints have less pigment, so you end up using more paint. You spend less for student grade, but you use 2-3 times as much paint and you have 2-3 times the frustration.).

     - Permanent Alizarin Crimson Hue
     - Cadmium Red Light
     - Cadmium Orange
     - Cadmium Yellow Light
     - Hansa Yellow Light
     - Yellow Ochre
     - Ultramarine Blue (Red Shade)
     - Cerulean Blue Hue
     - Burnt Sienna
     - Burnt Umber
     - Phthalo Green
     - Light Green
     - Brilliant Yellow Green
     - Dioxazine Purple
     - Pthalo Blue Red Shade
     - Titanium White

BRUSHES (Purchase 2 of each of the Filberts and only 1 of the Rounds)
You will want LONG HANDLED WHITE Nylon SYNTHETIC brushes.
(Do NOT purchase 'Artist's Loft' brand - they fall apart immediately.)

Brands to buy:
Liquitex Freestyle (green handle)
     #2 Filbert
     #4 Filbert
     #6 Filbert
     #8 Filbert
     #10 Filbert
     #12 Filbert

     #2 Round (SYNTHETIC)
     #4 Round (SYNTHETIC)
     2 inch Flat Wash (Liquitex Freestyle Paddle)

     - Grey Matters Paper PALETTE (2)
     - PALETTE KNIFE (2 inch Trowel style - Steel)
     - 3-4 STRETCHED CANVASES - 16" X 20" and 18" X 18"
       (or close to this size, exact dimension not neccessary)
(Do NOT purchase
'Artist's Loft'
brand - you'll only have to return them.)

     - Roll of Paper Towels
     - Roll of Masking Tape
     - Scotch Tape
     - Spray Bottle
     - Old Toothbrush
     - Toothpicks (about 20)
     - Tall Can for holding brushes (16oz coffee can)
     - Wide Base Plastic Water Container (for rinsing brushes)
     - Apron or wear old shirt over clothes
     - Water Bottle with Water for drinking
     - Bag for carrying your supplies (anything that works for you)