OIL PAINTING - Supply List
For Art Classes by Wendy Froshay
(949) 551-1987

If you have time to order your supplies online, I recommend Dick Blick:

To make things easier, click HERE for a Froshay Fine Art Oil Painting Supply List on Dick Blick.

         NOTE: It usually takes 10 business days to receive your supplies.
             If you don't want to wait, then visit the store listed below.

Either way, please note the MISCELLANEOUS SUPPLIES that you'll need
located at the bottom of this list.

To purchase art supplies in person - the BEST place to go is:

            6672 Westminster Blvd.,
            Westminster, CA 92683
            Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-8
                        Sat-Sun 10-6
            Art Supply Warehouse has the BEST local prices around. They carry just about everything. Their people are extremely
            knowledgeable and very helpful. This is a great place to save money - especially if you are purchasing a lot of supplies.
            I highly recommend the Art Supply Warehouse.

If you own an iPad or other Tablet, bring it to class with you.
An iPad is a great tool for research! If you don't have one, no worries.




     • Joe's HAND CLEANER - you can pick a tube of this up at O'Reilly Auto Parts stores
     (make sure that you get the creamy and NOT the kind with grit)


     • Small package of unscented BABY WIPES

     • Old 100% COTTON T-shirt cut up into 4 inch rags (must be 100% cotton because it has no lint)

     • Tall Sturdy Can for BRUSH HOLDER (16 oz coffee can works well - no glass please)
               Don't just throw your brushes into your carrier!

     • A Squat, Wide-mouth GLASS JAR (For your Thinner - Don't buy special jars, a small used pickle jar will work)

     • Water Bottle with Water for drinking
     • Bag for carrying your supplies (anything that works for you)
     • Apron or wear old shirt over clothes

     WINTON Brand Oil Paints (NOT Water Mixable Oils)

     • Cadmium Yellow Light (MUST be LIGHT - not Pale Hue)
     • Lemon Yellow Hue

     • French Ultramarine Blue
     • Cerulean Blue Hue

     • Burnt Sienna
     • Burnt Umber

     • Permanent Alizarin Crimson
     • Cadmium Red Light
- (Important: NOT Cadmium Red Medium or Hue or Deep)

     • Dioxazine Purple
     • Titanium White

     • Winsor Green
- (Important: NOT "Winsor Green (yellow shade)" & NOT Winsor Emerald)
          This color is ONLY available as PROFESSIONAL Grade paint

        NOTE: You can substitute GRUMBACHER Brand Thalo Green Blue Shade if Winsor Green is not available.
        The Winsor Green and Thalo Green are ONLY available in Professional Grade paint, so you'll need to check a
        different section of the store.

     Optional WINTON Colors (you can purchase these later if you want them)

     • Quinacridone Magenta
     • Winsor Orange

     • Raw Sienna
     • Raw Umber

     • Yellow Ochre
     • Indian Yellow

     • Cobalt Blue
     • Manganese Blue Hue


BRUSHES (Purchase 2 of each of the FILBERTS and only 1 of the Rounds)

          Do NOT purchase 'Artist's Loft' brand from Michael's they fall apart and are a waste of your money!
          If you absolutely must by from Michael's then only buy their PROFESSIONAL brushes. Seriously!

Buy a range of sizes in which ever brand of brush comes closest to this description:

Long Handled Synthetic Filbert

You don't have to have all of them to begin, but do have a variety of sizes. Try
to have at least one of each of a #4, #8 and #12 Filbert. If you can not find all of
the sizes in one brand, then choose different brands, but DO get a variety of sizes.

          #4 Filbert
          #6 Filbert
          #8 Filbert
          #10 Filbert
          #12 Filbert
          #14 Filbert

          #1 Round (SYNTHETIC)
          #6 or #8 Round (SYNTHETIC)

Suggested Brand:

Robert Simmons Titanium Filberts TT42
(I use to recommend several less expensive brushes, but manufacturers have lowered the quality so much that those cheaper brushes fall apart too quickly. So now all I recommend are these.)

If you can't find these in town, you can order them brushes online at DickBlick.com (see pic on left)


     LIQUIN MEDIUM (Original) (2.5 oz or larger - MUST be Original flavor!)

     ODORLESS TURPENOID by Weber (16 oz or larger)
         Don't waste money on a dinky, little container -
         save $$ and get a larger size - you'll NEED it - Trust me!

     • 2 (two) each Disposable Paper PALETTES
       Purchase two'Jack Richeson GREY MATTERS Paper Palettes'
         (it comes with a color wheel, gray scale and couple of
         other charts on the inside cover - you'll LOVE it!)

     PALETTE KNIFE (Trowel style, 2" rounded point - Steel)

     2 – 4 STRETCHED CANVASES - 16" X 20"
         (or close to this size, exact &dimensions not neccessary)
         Again, do NOT purchase 'Artist's Loft' brand! You'll only have to return them.