For Art Classes by Wendy Froshay
(949) 551-1987
If you have time to order your supplies online, I recommend Dick Blick:

To make things easier, click HERE for a Froshay Fine Art Watercolor Painting Supply List on Dick Blick.

Either way, please note the MISCELLANEOUS SUPPLIES that you'll need
located near the bottom of this list.

The BEST way to buy art supplies is in person - and the BEST place to go is:

            6672 Westminster Blvd.,
            Westminster, CA 92683
            Hours: Mon-Fri 9-8
                  Sat-Sun 10-9
  • Art Supply Warehouse has the BEST local prices around. They carry just about everything.
    Their people are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. This is a great place to save money - especially
    if you are purchasing a lot of supplies. I highly recommend the Art Supply Warehouse.

    IMPORTANT Note: Good brushes, quality paper and artist grade paints
    will make a HUGE difference in your ability to paint - so please, give yourself the
    gift of success by purchasing the supplies recommended on this list.

    If you own an iPad or other Tablet, bring it to class with you.
    An iPad is a great tool for research! If you don't have one, no worries.

    WATERCOLOR PAINTS - (Do NOT buy 'student grade'!)
    Best Brands to Buy:
        • Winsor Newton (NOT Cotman!)
        • Grubacher (NOT Academy!)
        • Sennelier
        • Daniel Smith
        • Holbein

    All listed below are Winsor Newton unless I've listed another brand.
    (I usually buy the 14 or 15 ml tubes) - these paints will last you a LONG time.

               ~~~ Please don't purchase any other greens than those listed.
         I know they look luscious and tempting, but you'll be wasting your money ~~~

        • Winsor Lemon
        • Indian Yellow
        • Cadmium Orange

        • Cadmium Red Deep
        • Permanent Alazarin

        • Ultramarine Violet
        • French Ultramarine Blue
        • Cerulean Blue

        • Manganese Blue Hue
        • Winsor Blue (Green Shade)

        • Winsor Green (Blue Shade)
        • Thalo Yellow Green (Grumbacher)

        • Van Dyke Brown
        • Burnt Sienna
        • Burnt Umber

    BRUSHES - Good Brushes will last you a long time if you take care of them.
         A Good Brush will make painting easier - a Bad Brush will only frustrate you and waste your money!
         Do NOT purchase 'Artist's Loft' brand from Michael's - they fall apart immediately!

    You are looking for Short Handle WATERCOLOR Brushes

  • I recommend: Loew-Cornell #7020 series These brushes will make painting EASIER

  •      They work extremely well, hold a lot of water and keep their point no matter how worn they become.
         . . . AND. . .they are inexpensive.
         I haven't found them locally, but stores will order them for you.
         You can purchase them inexpensively through Dick Blick:
                  This link will take you directly to the brushes: Loew Cornell #7020 Brushes

    (If you already have brushes, bring them and I'll let you see how the #7020 work. You can judge for yourself).

    Loew-Cornell #7020 series Round Brushes

         • #4 Round
         • #6 Round
         • #8 Round
         • #10 Round
         • #12 Round
         • #14 Round

    Flat Brushes

         • 3/4" Flat
         • 1 inch Flat Wash Brush - for Watercolor (no bristle brushes)


  • Canvas Brush Carrier
  • This is a MUST to keep your brush investment in top shape.
    A good one will fold open like an easel.

  • Watercolor Palette
  • Get a large white plastic tray that has
    32 wells around the outside edge and
    two large mixing areas in the middle.

    You WANT large mixing areas - you
    will be using the lid as a mixing area too,
    so find one with a lid that has no wells.

    • 4-5 SHEETS (not pads) of 140 lb COLD Press Watercolor Paper (22" x 30")
    • 1 SHEET (not pads) of 300 lb COLD Press Watercolor Paper (22" x 30")
         Either:  Windsor Newton brand -or- Arches brand

          (These will last you a long time. You will be breaking these
          sheets down into to much smaller sheets for use. Don't panic
          and buy cheaper pads, you'll only end up frustrated with the quality.
          Plus, with the cheaper grades you have to buy other supplies in order
          to use them. So keep it simple and make it easier for yourself to learn.)

    •1 (one) Student Grade Watercolor Paper Pad - 9"x12"
          This is for exercises only. The better full sheets listed above will be the paper you create your masterpieces on!

    • 'Prismacolor' brand Kneaded Eraser ' (NOT 'Artist's Loft' brand!)

         • Several Cotton Rags from 100% Cotton t-shirts — (cut into 8"x10" approximate sizes)
         • Small spray Bottle filled with water
         • Roll of Paper Towels
         • HB Pencil
         • Water Bottle with water for drinking

    (After you've gained more skills and are just 'itchin' to add some
    new colors to your palette - these are the best colors worth your money.)

    • Raw Sienna
    • Raw Umber

    • Viridian
    • Permanent Green Light
    • Cadmium Green

    • Mineral Violet
    • Windsor Violet

    • Permanent Rose
    • Vermillion Hue (Holbein)

    • Cobalt Blue
    • Antwerp Blue
    • Ultramarine Violet

    • Quinacridone Gold (Windsor Newton)
    • Quinacridone Rose (Daniel Smith)

    • Permanent Brown (Daniel Smith)
    • Quinacridone Sienna (Daniel Smith)
    • Indanthrene Blue (Daler-Rowney)