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     “I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and was interested in Wendy’s classes. So I called her and asked, “Will I learn anything?“

     Over the last 5 years she has been a most wonderful mentor, teacher, counselor and most of all a friend. Her advice and incredible talent have been absolutely wonderful in helping to shape my creativity.

     Did I learn anything? Absolutely! Wendy truly teaches from the heart. Everyone who meets her can clearly see her passion and sincere desire to not just teach, but to understand the student’s mindset.

     Whereas other teachers teach only the subject, Wendy teaches much more than that, because with her, it’s personal. She spends time with you, doesn’t rush you and seems to have a perception about all her students. She treats each one as if they were the next Master. With her guidance, I have stepped out of my comfort zones, pushing myself far beyond anything I thought I was capable of.

   Wendy goes far beyond teaching just techniques. She knows how to explain everything in ways that made one really want to try new things! She has a way of giving just enough information, and then allowing you to discover for yourself and all the while, she is gently guiding you to truly find your inner muse.”                                    

 - Debi Blount, Seattle, WA


A note from Wendy Froshay:

These are not just ordinary art lessons!

I guarantee you will be creating beautiful, finished paintings because I work with you to accomplish what you want.

Because lessons are so popular, time slots fill up fast. Those who wait until the last moment usually go on a waiting list. In order to ensure you get a spot for the time and day you want, reserve early!

Text or Call (949) 551-1987 to sign up today.


   •    Choose what you want to paint
   •    Move at your own pace
   •    Discover your own unique style
   •    Learn about drawing, composition, and how to

        make your art look realistic
   •    Learn brush techniques and how to mix color
   •    Save money by knowing which brushes and paints

        are the best
   •    Easy, step-by-step instruction that is custom

         tailored to you
   •    Beginners warmly welcomed – 
I specialize in

   •    Seasoned artists always fine tune their talents
   •    Learn what other art classes don't teach you

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More About Froshay Fine Art Classes

Froshay Fine Art Studio specializes in guiding students to discover their creative voice and hone their skills in order to become the artist that they dream of being. Beginners and seasoned artists meet for fun two-hour classes that are interactive and hands-on with lots of individualized attention. Looking for art classes near me? Rather than doing ‘paint-a-long’ classes or giving structured lessons, each student chooses his or her own medium, subject, and pace, which allows them the freedom to develop their own unique body of work and focus on creating what they want to create.

Watch the video below to get a peek inside the studio and to hear what students are saying:

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