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“Wendy is the most amazing teacher! I’ve actually had a lot of art training – it was just a long time ago. So when I decided to start painting again, I wanted a teacher who could give me a quick “refresher” course. But I have received so much more than that!

Wendy somehow manages to expertly teach a room full of students who are all at different levels, giving each person exactly what they need at that moment without over-doing it or under-doing it. On top of that, I thought I’d want to drop the class as soon as my “refresher” was complete. But my time in her studio has become so enjoyable and so informative – I don’t want to leave!

Almost every week, I learn some incredible technique or discover a new tool I’ve never seen. Wendy doesn’t just teach technique, she inspires confidence in her students… whether they are beginners or have been painting or drawing for years. I’ve watched beginning students advance so quickly around me. And my own painting (as well as my feelings about my work) have taken a quantum leap.

I am so happy and grateful to have found her. And I know you will be too. She really is awesome. Thank you Wendy!”                                                       – Marguerite Bonnett, Ladera Ranch, CA


“I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and was interested in Wendy’s classes. So I called her and asked, “Will I learn anything?“

Over the last 5 years she has been a most wonderful mentor, teacher, counselor and most of all a friend. Her advice and incredible talent have been absolutely wonderful in helping to shape my creativity.

Did I learn anything? Absolutely! Wendy truly teaches from the heart. Everyone who meets her can clearly see her passion and sincere desire to not just teach, but to understand the student’s mindset.

Whereas other teachers teach only the subject, Wendy teaches much more than that, because with her, it’s personal. She spends time with you, doesn’t rush you and seems to have a perception about all her students. She treats each one as if they were the next Master. With her guidance, I have stepped out of my comfort zones, pushing myself far beyond anything I thought I was capable of.

Wendy goes far beyond teaching just techniques. She knows how to explain everything in ways that made one really want to try new things! She has a way of giving just enough information, and then allowing you to discover for yourself and all the while, she is gently guiding you to truly find your inner muse.”

– Debi Blount, Seattle, WA


“Wendy is an inspirational artist. Her art classes are extremely well-informed. One thing that came to my mind when I first met Wendy was ‘I want to be like her’.


She has a unique way of teaching. Her presence is more than enough for me to quickly move on with my paintings. I have completed many nice oil paintings during my period with Wendy and I received so many compliments from lots of people.


She manages all her students well giving equal preference. Each time I leave my art class with a heart full of satisfaction! I recommend the readers to try out Wendy’s classes and you’ll say its the best thing you’ve done!”
                         – Bindu Suress, Fullerton, CA


“I can’t believe the difference Wendy’s workshop made! I always wondered why my faces never looked the way they were suppose to. She showed me things I’d never noticed, things that make each face unique. It was incredible how much my drawing improved from each class to the next!”
             – Kathy Gonzalas, Costa Mesa, CA


“I really got so much out of her workshop. I have more confidence and I’m more excited about practicing now because of how much I’ve improved.


I really enjoy her teaching style.


Wendy has a wonderful sense of the intuitive with her teaching and seems to know just what each student needs. This is a rare gift in an instructor!”
    – Marcia Mordkin, Newport Beach, CA

"I was thinking about you the other day while painting and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your suggestions and help and especially for getting me excited and inspired about painting and drawing.


Your energy and passion make your classes so much fun and of course, your art expertise made the technical part easy to learn. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from a master teacher like you. You are such a gift to me and all your students & collectors. Thank you for sharing of yourself and your art. You are a beautiful soul!
                                           With Gratitude,

                                            Shirlee Oakley"


“Wendy taught me the most important thing an aspiring artist needs to learn… how to “see” things. With her constant commentary and hands-on style of teaching, her classes were fun and informative. Her positive encouragement allowed me to learn the necessary skills to learn how to draw. I will never look at a tree in the same way again.”

– Richard Levowich, Costa Mesa, CA, 


“I highly recommend this course! Wendy showed me how to study the face, understand the different aspects of the face and then how to put those differences on paper. I went from looking for art classes near me and not being able to draw a face at all, to being able to finish a portrait that looks pretty nice! I really enjoyed this course. It was a lot fun!
          – Jesse Larson, Newport Beach, CA

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