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About Froshay

Wendy Froshay explores the co-existence of man and nature as expressed through Abstract Naturalism. Creating movement and energy by incorporating varied surfaces, textures, natural elements and rich color relationships. It’s been said that her pieces radiate power, strength and stability, capturing qualities that her corporate clients evoke in their businesses.

A third-generation artist, Froshay’s lifelong love for art began at a young age, when she was frequently found with pencils and paintbrushes in hand instead of toys. Her passion for art only grew, and she studied art all through high school and college. After graduating, Wendy Froshay continued to develop her artistic prowess under the tutelage of renowned art mentors Timothy Clark, Carl Purcell, Kathy Sutherland, Mona McGuire, Diane Pratt and Renaissance Master Frank Covino.

Wendy’s career was launched through book illustration with her work published in over 40 books and her art licensed in 5 countries. Prior to moving to Southern California, Froshay served as Publicity Director and Membership Director of The Intermountain Society of Artists. In addition to serving as a jurist at distinguished art exhibits throughout Utah and California, Froshay’s works have also received prominent awards at many eminent art competitions. Art by Froshay continues to be published and distributed around the world, as her pieces grace numerous private collections.

As Froshay’s artistry continues to excel and receive critical acclaim, art collectors and aficionados share, “Froshay’s mastery of color and movement resonates with an emotional depth that utterly captivates the viewer, transporting us seamlessly from the physical world to the ethereal.”

Froshay’s passion and accomplishments also inspire others to explore the wonderful world of art through intimate group and individualized instruction in her private studio.

You can see more of her work and learn more about her Paintings HERE and you can watch more in the video below.


"Froshay's work is moving, mystical and mesmerizing. Some of her images possess uniquely rythmic and lyrical qualities while others are spellbindingly poignant and serene – displaying the full range of her artistic talents. All of her creations resonate with intense feeling and breathe with life, inspiring us to venture into a wondrous land whre hopes and reams come alive."

– Tien Frogget

"Wendy Froshay's mastery of color and movement resonates with an emotional depth that captivates the viewer, seamlessly creating movement and energy to create unexpected revelation."

– James Black

"Wendy takes a blank canvas and voila, creates magic."

– Irene Prokopenko




Artist Featurette


Wendy Froshay

Equestrian Artist Extraordinaire
by Horse Husband John Adams

One look at the equestrian paintings of Wendy Froshay is all it takes to realize that she has a deep and abiding affection for our four-legged friends. Working in a variety of media, Wendy paints gorgeous examples of horses in the wild, as well as horses under saddle. She says, “Horses inspire me to paint because of the freedom they represent and the powerful spirit within them.”

Wendy, who maintains a studio in her Escondido home, has seen her work displayed in numerous art shows and collected by both individuals and businesses. She teaches private and group lessons in her studio. She also sells her work to the interior design industry, and licenses her art to various companies. Wendy’s paintings have been reproduced on tiles, which have been displayed in many homes and businesses as murals in kitchens, fountain back splashes, shower and bath walls. She also takes fine art commissions on a regular basis.


The original oil on canvas pictured with this article shows the intensity of both horse and rider in the dressage ring, as well as the supple lines of the horse. “When Susan invited me to observe Winsor inaction I readily agreed. Attending shows at Del Mar and Sycamore, I found a magnificent energy emanating from the horses and riders. I believe the grace of the horse and passion of the rider, are qualities that I have been able to infuse into my paintings.”

Susan, who says the artwork looks “marvelous” above her fireplace, says, “I just love seeing the image of Winsor on canvas. Wendy subtly blends Winsor’s strength and work ethic beautifully in the dressage ring.”


Wendy says that she plans on attending several of this year’s dressage shows, where she will continue observing horses and riders, as she develops new ideas for paintings. She is also excited about the prospects of doing more commissioned work for the members of the San Juan Dressage Chapter. “Everyone in the chapter has been so warm and kind. I feel grateful that I can share their love of horses with others who share the same sentiments through my work.”

Froshay Fine Art is in the Collections of:

Dr. & Mrs. James Handy, D.C., Irvine, CA

Judge & Mrs. John S. Adams, Orange County, CA

Mr. & Mrs. Cuong Nguyen, Irvine, CA

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Sant, Sandy, UT

Ms. M. McKean, Yorba Linda, CA

Mr. & Mrs Gary Kreitz, C.P.A., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Mr. Sergio Prince, Laguna Hills, CA

Dr. & Mrs. Zwi Steindler, M.D., Irvine, CA

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Blount, Seattle, WA

Mr. Randy Souviney, Senior Lecturer Emeritus, UCI, Del Mar, CA

Dr. & Mrs. Neil Barth, M.M., FACP, Newport Beach, CA

Mr. & Mrs. Nestor Zuluaga, Buford, GA
Ms. Lois Kelly, Sandy, UT

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Howlett, Irvine, CA

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Saggese, San Marino, CA

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Fruechting, Orange, CA

Mr. William Ray Goodwin, Hemet, CA

Dr. & Mrs. Allan Freedman, M.D., Newport Beach, CA

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Moloney, Las Vegas, NV

Mr. Paul Adlard, Ph.D. Victoria, Australia

Ms. Victoria Perreau, Ph.D, North Melbourne, Australia

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Ferruzzo, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Mrs. Eddys Gauger, Irvine, CA

Mr. & Mrs. Takahashi, Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Patrick Dickerson, Encinitas, CA

Mr. Gary Swensen, Murray, UT

Alta View School, Sandy, UT

Jeesook Hahm of Pflugerville, TX

Justin McKinley of Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Carol Wintermute, Irvine, CA

Justin McKinley, Jackasonville, FL

Jeesook Hahm of Pflugerville, TX

Davonne Aarons, Fountain Valley, CA

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