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Froshay Fine Art Paintings

Each work of art is Original and One-of-a-Kind. Each painting is a moment in time – a feeling, a thought, a hope, a dream; a treasure of an experience. No two people have the same experience in a work of art. When I hand the painting over to you, it becomes yours. You begin creating your own moments within it – your hopes and reams and thoughts and feelings. I begin the piece, but you are the one who completes it.


After the Storm

©Wendy Froshay

Oil on Canvas – 40 x 30

Original: $7200.

    • Includes Certificate of Authenticity

    • Layway Plans Available


Wild horses thrill in sunlight breaking through the clouds after a quiet in the storm. Dark, heavy thunderheads rumble threateningly in the distance. The downpour has freshened the air and greened the landscape. The sudden burst of sunshine spilling onto the wet landscape makes my heart sing.

Racing the Wind

©Wendy Froshay

Oil on Canvas – 48 x 36

Original: $8000.

    • Includes Certificate of Authenticity

    • Layway Plans Available


Thundering hooves create golden clouds of dust muting the evening sun, as these horses race the wind across the skies.

One of my most popularly reproduced images, available also as a wall mural, tile black splash, trivets, tile murals and on motorized retracting canvas designed to conceal flat screen televisions  through VISIONART.


©Wendy Froshay

Running Free

Oil on Canvas – 36 x 24

Original: $8640.

    • Includes Certificate of Authenticity

    • Layway Plans Available

Three horses silhouetted against the golden sky, giving them a beautiful glow. You can practically feel their freedom as they run wild, against the glorious growing storm clouds rising above.

Also available on motorized retracting canvas designed to conceal flat screen televisions  through VISIONART.

Storm Chaser

©Wendy Froshay

Oil on Canvas – 24 x 36

Original:  SOLD

Storm Chaser was created on a whim, or rather an inspired whim. Oftentimes I get these creative urges to simply create something expressive and this painting was the result. Here we see the energy, power and spirit of the hors; I love the stylized mane and tail of this one!


Gentle Spirit

©Wendy Froshay

Oil on Canvas – 20 x 24

Original:  SOLD

Gentle Spirit was begun as a painting demonstration at a show. It was challenging and fun to compose while painting among onlookers, not an easy task!

Diagonal lines of the clouds and the swirling stroke work of the meadow combines with brilliant sunrise colors to create movement and energy. A slight juxtaposing of the gathering clouds against the quiet stillness and peace surround this beautiful gentle mare.

Apache Gold

©Wendy Froshay

Oil on Canvas – 20 x 24

Original:  SOLD


Apache Gold was the first in my journey towards Abstract Naturalism, giving this horse dream-like colors that flow and bestow a gossamer golden glow. The gentle, yet powerful soul of this horse comes through in subtle blues and golds.



©Wendy Froshay

Oil on Canvas – 24 X 36

Original:  SOLD

Journey was my second Abstract Naturalism piece in collaboration with Deborah Blount. This painting represents the spirit and magic of the horse with delightful, surreal imagery. We know horses cannot move this way, but in the world of art all things are possible.


My goal was not to merely replicate perfect horses, but to replicate the perfect, beautiful driving energy of the horse.


American Freedom

©Wendy Froshay

Oil on Canvas – 24 x 48

Original:  $9200.

    • Includes Certificate of


    • Layway Plans Available

Wild horses race across dry prairie grass and causing a frenzy of dust in their wake.


I love the fierce, untamed hearts of the horses, pressing them ever forward into the unknown with wind empowering them forever free and wild.


There is no greater joy than the experience of true freedom.



©Wendy Froshay


Oil on Canvas – 22 x 28

Original: SOLD

Another collaboration piece with Deborah Blount. This painting portrays the essence, magnificence and power blurring the lines between the physical and the spirit, while emphasizing the motion and strength of the horse.


Having completely covered the canvas with paint and the gesture I found finishing with the look I wanted was not so easy. 

Neither brush nor painting knife gave me the feeling I wanted to convey. As I stood pondering the piece, I felt the urge to dip my finger into a puddle of paint and mash a mark "just so".EUREKA! That stroke said just what I wanted and so I completed the expressive detail by painting with my fingers.

Who says finger painting is "just for kids"?

Wind Racer

©Wendy Froshay

Oil on Canvas – 11 x 18

Original:  SOLD

I began Wind Racer with one direction in mind and then pivoted part way through. If you've ever created art you'll know how going with the flow can create a better outcome.

I'm often inspired to create without knowing the final outcome of a painting. I liken it to the surprises of a birthday gift – you never know for sure what's in the package until you open it.

Here I was playing with surreal colors, the shine of the coat and a totally different styling of the mane and tail.


Winsor in Dressage

©Wendy Froshay

Oil on Canvas – 40 x 30

Original: Commission SOLD

Winsor is a commission created for Judge John Adams for his wife Susan who is an avid rider and equestrian owner.

Winsor was trained in dressage towards the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


Shih Tzu Best Buddies

©Wendy Froshay

Oil on Canvas – 20 x 30

Original: Commission SOLD

Created in memorial of Coco and Muffin, the two beloved dogs of owner Sergio Prince. These two pups were so well disciplined and adoring that they followed him anywhere; over mountains, through creeks and even throughout a warehouse store without a leash, staying right by his side.


Store owners wanted to know how he managed and – could he teach parents of kids racing through the store, how to get their kids to behave as well as his dogs!

Aurora Wolves

Oil on Canvas – 20 x 24

Original:  Commission SOLD

This seems to be one of my most coveted piece. Often pulled from the internet and used as icons, avatars and added to blogs about wolves and used illegally for posters for others advertising. I've had to chase down quite a few people who've used my work without permission.

This piece was commissioned by Gary Kretiz, CPA, for his offices in Lake Forest, CA. His wife promptly absconded with it and took it to their home where it still resides. 

A truly stunning stolen painting!


©Wendy Froshay


Koi Tranquility

©Wendy Froshay

Oil on Canvas – 18 x 24

Original: Commission SOLD

Commissions by Mrs. Cuong Nguyen for her husband. Apparently the raccoons kept eating the koi in his pond, so Mrs. Nguyen requested a painting as a more permanent measure rather than restocking the pond for the upteenth time.


The 4 koi represent the Nguyen family.

If you'd like to commission a painting, please feel free to contact me.


©Wendy Froshay

Watercolor – 5.5 x 7.5

100% Cotton Rag Watercolor Paper

Original:  SOLD

I've no idea why I'm fascinated with painting flamingos.

This little jewel has already been snatched up, but if you'd like a Tiny Treasure created just for you, contact me and I will happily paint one!

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